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Low carbon building, capacity building, practice and sustainable
Release date:2013-05-28 17:02:37    

On June 20th, Nanjing University along with Suzhou Industrial Park low-carbon industry association、new ecological science and Technology City Management Office, host the "low carbon intelligent building forum" in Du Shu Lake Hotel, the forum for two days.

In recent years, with the rapid development of the economy, our city carry out a series of attempts and promote the work in the development of philosophy, the industrial foundation, technical support, low carbon transport, low carbon buildings and carbon sink. The aim of the forum is in order to cope with the Suzhou declaration of the second batch of national low carbon city pilot work better.

This activity is supported by suzhou industrial park, economic and trade development council, suzhou industrial park planning and construction bureau, the environmental protection bureau of suzhou industrial park, suzhou industrial park, the unit such as corporate social responsibility union. Environmental protection bureau chief Wangxuejun, the bureau deputy director Zhangyishi attend and give a speech in the meeting.

Experts from Jiangsu Province Building Research Institute, Ministry of construction technology development center and other industry gathered in  the meeting, shae  low carbon building technol ogy presenxpertst situation, the renewable energy applicated in building industries and the information about zero carbon building.  Risun technology Co., LTD., Jizhong energy-saving technology  Co., LTD., Suzhou Dong ya xin ye energy saving lightingCo., LTD and other low carbon association member elaborate the  low-carbon technologies in intelligent building materials  such as  information technology in the application of building energy efficiency and case, new materials in the application of low carbon energy saving industry.
On June 21st in the afternoon, organizers specially arrange the participants to visit green building engineering technology research center of jiangsu province. Through the reform of the old factory, now take on a new aspect. The building retains the original pillars, open courtyard, and collect the rainwater.  Exterior walls with horizontal, vertical, green shade layer; On the second floor roof installed solar into system and regulation of skylight; Roof planted all kinds of vegetables... Everyone was amazed.
So far, the "low carbon intelligent building forum" successfully concluded! Also sincerely hope that our environmental and social health will develop health and low carbon under the attention from all over the world.

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