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Company Introduction  
Risun Technology Co., LTd located in Suzhou Industrial Park of China-Singapore ecological science and technology City, is a national high-tech enterprises and national software enterprises, and has been registered as a post-doctoral research base in Suzhou. As a professional system integration and development company, Risun is committed to the technological innovation in the photovoltaic equipment and photovoltaic system integration  
according to the different needs of customers at home and abroad. Specialized in customing all kinds of application system and related products.Risun emphasize to improve their competitiveness and promote the sustainable development of new energy, provide high quality and service to customers.

  Risun reasearch and produce the non standard photovoltaic professional equipment and integrated system for global customers.At the same time as a professional one-stop service center, continuously provide customers with systems and products in aspects of process design, improvement, production and assembly by accumulating many years of experience in the areas of new energy, besides, provides support in technical cooperation and project management.

Risun puts Suzhou as research & development center, establishes sale branch company in North American, Hongkong, Europe by active expanding and lay a solid foundation for opening up oversea market.
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