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Foreign students visiting low-carbon hall
Release date:2013-05-28 17:02:56    
The morning of July 11, 2012, low carbon association located in the low carbon technology exhibition  ushered in a group of new energy related major students from the national university of Singapore.
Apart from the students of National University of Singapore , the National University of Singapore Institute and Suzhou Dushu Lake Higher Education employment guidance and training center leadership also take part in this activity, totally 50 people.
On-site activity, the staff explained the low carbon technology used in the  exhibition hall  one by one. The exhibition hall is designed according to the "national green building standard",  make the old factory buildings, building integrated photovoltaic systems, rainwater collection, LED, scenery complementary power generation system,  solar system, frequency conversion energy-saving temperature control system, intelligent building, central control system as a whole .

The hall also shows the whole solar energy photovoltaic industry chain and partial product’s introduction of low carbon association member. Such as: flat plate type solar water heater, solar system, recycling  drum unit parts, new wall materials - Jin Bang board, LED lamp and fluorescent lamp...  According to the product structure, material composition, principle, advantages and application, the staff explain in detail.
Considering the large number of visitors, during a visit to low-carbon exhibition hall at the same time, we arrange some personnel to visit the workshop, divided into two batches in order to make the effect more obvious. In the workshop, person listen to the staff to explain the whole production process and watch the operation of the equipment then have a direct feeling of the photovoltaic .
People have a more profound understanding of all the application of low carbon technology after two times in turn. These curious students consult the staff with some questions. So far, the activity ended with success, hoping this trip can bring the students more harvest, also hope to bring a green inspiration through our mutual efforts.
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