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2012 China (Suzhou) Solar Energy Heat Utilization Industry Development Plan
Release date:2022-05-17 14:58:44    

一、Background of the Forum
Since this year, solar energy heat utilization industry situation is still very serious, under the macroeconomic, the pressure is increase, the real estate regulation continues to tighten, electrical home appliances to the countryside policy come to the end, the production costs have risen sharply, sales are sluggish and performance decline. However, we are also pleased to see the country carry out the stimulating consumption policy, local government support mounting, solar engineering market rise rapidly, products and channels gradually into a diversified development trend, especially the implementation of the national energy saving huimin engineering policy, has injected new vigor and vitality to the development of solar thermal industry and provide more opportunities for enterprises and dealers. Rethink its position, to distinguish the direction, formulate their own development strategies, take a more targeted, flexible and effective strategies, has become the focus of enterprise which work on solar thermal utilization. In order to strengthen the communication and exchanges between the solar energy heat utilization enterprises, show a comprehensive display of new ideas, new products, new technology enterprises of solar thermal utilization, better promote the technological innovation, product innovation, channel innovation and brand promotion of the solar energy utilization, we will hold 2012 China ( Suzhou) solar thermal industry development forum during the sixth Section of Solar Energy and New Energy and 10th China International Solar during the Autumn Fair.  Closely around the theme of " firm confidence, secures the position (innovation, diversified development, work harder), expand the market, tide over thr crisis, invite the relevant government departments and industry associations, experts and well-known leader of the person in charge of the enterprise provide some advices about the market trend and situation of the Solar energy heat utilization industry、the implementation and impact of the national energy saving huimin project、the market trend and problem of the flat solar energy espically the development of urban engineering. Warmly welcome the leader, experts, scholars and businessmen enthusiastic participate in the field of the solar thermal industry.

二、Organizational structure(undetermined)

Guide Unit: The United Nations Industrial Organization and International solar Energy Center

The organizer:

                   CREIA(China Rural Energy Industry Association)
                   China Energy Conservation Association
                  Professional Committee of the China Renewable Energy Society Heat Utilization

      Sponsors: (undetermined)

三、 Forum Time

     7th, September, 2012, from 14:00 to 18:00

四、 Forum Site
     Suzhou International Expo Center Hall

五、Media Support (Used only as a propaganda)

    CCTV channel energy,Guangming Daily, Economic Daily, the Economic Observer, China Business News, China Construction News, China Real Estate News, China Energy News, China Consumer News, Science and Ttechnology Daily, Jiangsu TV, Yangtze News, Journal of Urban Housing, Xinhua Net, Sohu Net, Sina, the state grid, Chinese Household Electrical Appliance Network, the Solar Energy Information Newspaper and Journal of Heat Pump, etc

六、Leaders and experts(Leaders and experts)

    Wangzhengyuan: Secretary-General of China Rural Energy Industry Association
    Songzongkui: Executive Vice Secretary-General of China Energy Conservation Association

    Zhengruicheng:Director of professional committee of Chinese renewable energy institute heat utilization; Chief engineer of National Quality Supervision and Inspection Center of the Solar Water Heater(Beijing)

    Hetao: Vice Director of National Quality Supervision and Inspection Center of the Solar Water Heater

    Jiatieying: Secretary-general of the National Standardization of Solar Technology

    Songjian:  Superintendent of Jiangsu province Su Ding real estate research institute; The Secretary-general of the solar energy research institute of jiangsu province branch

    Chenronghua: CEO of SUNRAIN SOLAR LTD.

八、Participants and Scale:

    About 150 people, Mainly is representatives of the solar energy heat utilization company  and distributors, etc

九、Forum Agenda:

    1.speech by the organizer leader

    2.speech by experts and enterprises

    Deng ruicheng: challenges and opportunities of the solar energy heat utilization industry

    Jia tieying: implementation and significance of efficiency standards for household solar hot water system

    other experts and enterprises including Hetao, Chen ronghua, Zhouhuaisong,Chen qing,Maweifei,etc.


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