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Portable Generator  
Portable Generator
Risun portable generators use the latest solar technology, assemble the electrical energy via a SEO cable from solar panel,components are connected by fast splicing piece. The solar panel is fully waterproof, in order to meet different need, we can match the size and quantity of the solar panel. This generator equipped with a standard socket, convenient for various electrical plug. Besides, compact with a handle shell, therefore easy to carry.
Power Data:
The lithium battery capacity Controller Load Time Size Weigt
5.6AH 5A/12V 1H 10*9*10'' 101bs
11.2AH 10A/12V 1H 10*9*10'' 201bs
22.4AH 10A/12V 1H 16*9*16'' 301bs
36AH 20A/12V 1H 16*9*16'' 351bs
50.4AH 20A/12V 1H 16*9*16'' 601bs
65AH 20A/12V 1H 16*9*16'' 701bs
Application:Rural residential, standby power, disaster relief, camping, fields, construction sites, farms, tool room
Product Features:

No assembly, portable, plug and play, corrosion resistance, waterproof, durable, solar panels for electricity, equipped with a 12V, 12W DC power supply socket that can supply the power up to 500W. Socket is equipped with a separate fuse, environmental and renewable energy, make a teat before delivery.
Risun portable solar power supply is a kind of no noise and rechargeable small power which is designed for power insufficient area. This power can provide both AC and DC, the load canbe light, small TV, radio, camera, small electric tools and computer.
Sample: AC 220/300
Introduction: The system consists of the controller, 70W photovoltaic panels , 400W inverter and 30 ah battery. morevere, can provide 360 Wh DC (300 Wh AC) after the battery is full of electricity.
Daily power used (Watt=power*time)
Application 5A/Power Time Watt
2-15 w incandescent lamp 15W 8hours 120W
A TV 50W 2hours 100W
A fan 20W 4hours 80W
Total: Daily Watt:300W
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