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The basic working principle of solar photovoltaic power supply system is under the sunlight, the solar panel generate the electric energy, then controlled by the controller to charge the batteries or directly supply the power to meet the load demand. If the sunlight is insufficient or at night, under the control of the controller, the battery supply the power to the DC load. As for the photovoltaic system with AC load, also need to increase the inverter in order to chance the DC to AC.
The basic form of photovoltaic systems can be divided into two categories: on grid system and off grid system. The main field of application coverd in aircraft, communication system, microwave relay station, television transposer station, photovoltaic water pump and the area with no power or power in shortage. With the development of the technology and the need of world economy and sustainable development, city photovoltaic grid system is becoming more and more widely applied, mainly used in rooftop photovoltaic power generation system and the MW concentration of large grid-connected power generation system, at the same time vigorously promote the solar photovoltaic system used in the field of transportation and city lighting.
Photovoltaic system consist of solar panel; controller, inverter,testing instrument and battery or other energy storage and auxiliary power generation device.
Photovoltaic system has the following characteristics:
(1) No rotatable parts, no noise
(2) nNo air pollution, no waste water
(3) No fuel
(4) Simple maintenance and low maintenance cost
(5) Reliability and good stability
(6) Long service life of solar panel, crystalline silicon solar battery life can reach more than 25 years
(7) It is easy to expand the scale of power generation according to the need
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